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Creative Visualization & Music Audio Tapes
Each tape consists of a Creative Visualization with original music on one side and the music on the second side.

The World Within - Nancy's voice will guide you through a beautiful vision to the accompaniement of stress free music. This classic 15 minute Creative Visualization has stood the test of time, having been in use for fifteen years. It is useful in helping  overcome insomnia, quieting anxiety, accelerating healing and learning, and inspiring loving outcomes for difficult situations.

Awakening - Nancy's  voice will guide you, with music, to the discovery of your creative potential. Improve coordination and balance between both hemispheres of your brain. For this tape you will need  paper and pencils nearby for drawing (yes, this is for stick figure artists too). The playful exercises were first developed for an artist in Hollywood who experienced "artists block". Happily we report he is one of the more successful poster artists in Hollywood. We use this tape before any major project. Focusing with healthy intention inside our own thoughts and feelings sets the right environment for sucess.
Nurturing - Nancy's voice accompanying music will guide you towards a healthier and loving outlook on your body's needs, begins to take form. Using food as a metaphor for receiving love from the world can improve digestion, encourage creating healthy eating patterns and promote self-esteem. Some amount of writing is involved, and for those who cannot write, the use of the mental image of writing can achieve the same results.
Inner Journeys For Mothers-To-Be - A perfect gift for every mother - to - be and her baby. This perfect gift includes 2 Creative Visualization tapes, Light Passages, an audio tape specific for prenatal bonding, Nurturing and a Manual with Playsheets. From conception through labor and delivery, these tapes will assist in prenatal bonding and stress reduction.
"For the past fifteen, I have taught the Bradley method of childbirth education. One very important aspect of this method is teaching 'conscious' relaxation for labor. With the tools of conscious relaxation and creative visualization, a woman is given the unique opportunity to experience the miracle of labor and birth in a positive light.

 Mastering these techniques, however, requires practice. The tapes by Nancy Weber, R.N., have become wonderful tools for many of my students in their practice of these techniques. By listening to these soothing tapes, they have also reported a heightened sensitivity to their unborn child. 

I thank Nancy for this very unique gift and encourage all childbirth educators to incorporate its usage in their programs."
Maureen H. McDonnell, R.N., American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth.

 " While looking for stress reduction techniques for my clients, I came across Nancy's products. I found each of these tapes helped decrease anxiety and have an overwhelmingly calming effect. Looking for things for my patients with chronic pain I've recommended another of Nancy's tapes, World Within. I have given Inner Journeys to pregnant women, and they have been able to incorporate the use of the manual and tapes with their significant other. I recommend Inner Journeys for every pregnant woman and her significant other"
Ruth Jones, D.O., J-P Medical Concepts, Inc., Erdenheim, Pennsylavania.

World Within - $10
Awakening - $10
Nurturing - $10
For the above tapes add $0.60 for NJ sales tax where applicable.

 Inner Journeys for Mothers-To-Be - $23.95 (add $1.45 for 6% NJ sales tax where applicaple).

 Shipping and Handling - please add $3.50 for Inner Journeys, $2.50 for tapes


Nancy wishes to acknowledge the support and friendship she has found in the International Women's Writing Guild.

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